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puce An online Satisfaction Questionnaire is available here (please fill in this form, it takes only 5 min)

puce The Miccai/NDI Student award announcement is available here (in pdf)

puce MICCAI pictures are available, you can also visit these differents items (if you appear on these pictures and would like them to be removed, please contact us at

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puce Some of our attendees also took very nice pictures at MICCAI. Have a look at their work, and feel free to send your pictures if you want to share them with us:

puce Sean Ho (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

puce Claudio Gatti (Claron Technology Inc., Toronto)

puce Sylvain Bouix (Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston)

puce Last but not least, some people used the most intuitive way to come to St-Malo from the UK (King's College, London)...

puce An official public report will be available soon

puce Miccai 2005 official web site is available, please redirect to this page

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