Instructions for presenters


Platform Presentation

It is important that you prepare an interesting and informative presentation for the conference. You should assume that the audience will consult the printed version, rather than simply listening to your presentation.

Please consider the following guidelines as you prepare your presentation:

Audio-visual: The auditorium at the "Palais du Grand Large" will be equipped with an LCD projector and screen for computer-based presentations. Only electronic presentations will be permitted (PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, HTML browser, etc.). There will be the possibility of injecting audio from your computer into the sound system. Electronic presentations with a single computer screen will be the only presentation medium available (no multi-screen presentations, photographic slides, or overheads, please).

It is recommended that you deliver your presentation from your own laptop. You may load it onto our Windows XP machine, running Power-Point 2000. However, we cannot guarantee that all possible video codecs are supported and thus animations may not appear correctly.

If you bring your own laptop, it will be connected to the projector via a multiplexor unit. You must verify that your computer is compatible with the projector at least 15 mins prior to the session.

If you own a macintosh laptop, we advice that the technical staff won't be able to give assistance for these systems in case of incompatibility with the video system. Thus, we strongly encourage you to bring a backup of your presentation INCLUDING ALL LINKED ITEMS (e.g.) video clips, in the same
folder, on a CD or USB hard drive.

Your computer must be powered up at the beginning of the session and ready to be switched to the projector at the beginning of your talk. You should ensure that your computer's "sleep" mode is disabled.

Time limit: You have 15 minutes (12+3 minutes for questions), including the time for your introduction and for you to walk to the lectern to deliver your paper. In some sessions there may be extra time at the end of the session that can be used for additional questions, as designated by the session Chair.

Computer Presentation - With color copy, never use black type on a dark-colored background or white letters on a light-colored background. Use large, (18+ point size) simple block letters; the best type font is a bold sans serif (e.g. Arial). For graphs and charts, use heavy lines for curves and use a minimum of lightweight grid lines. Use only horizontal lettering unless absolutely necessary (such as on graphs); other lettering is difficult for the audience to read, especially at longer distances.

Again, it is preferable that you bring your laptop with you. MICCAI will have a computer available, but cannot guarantee that all facilities are compatible with your presentation.

To insure against computer malfunction, bring a backup of your presentation INCLUDING ALL LINKED ITEMS (e.g.) video clips, in the same folder, on a CD or USB hard drive.

Instructions for posters

  1. Poster Dimensions:

    Both the posters for 8-page and 2-page papers will have an allocated space of 90cm wide by 120cm high (i.e. about 35 inches by 47 inches). Your poster, in portrait format, must not exceed these dimensions.

  2. Poster Localization:

    The conference organizers have assigned a number to each poster (for both 8-page and 2-page papers), which can be found in the Preliminary Program. This number indicates the localization of the poster in the "Grand Large" Room, and will appear in the upper left hand corner of the allocated space. A map of the "Grand Large" Room is available in the Preliminary Program, together with the schedules of the poster sessions. You will have to check this information in the final program that will be given to you at the on-site registration.

  3. Poster Installation & Exhibit Times:

    • Posters for 8-page papers: These posters must remain mounted for the entire duration of the conference, regardless of the schedule of your presentation. Participants are responsible for mounting their posters between 17:00 and 20:00 on Sunday 26th (i.e. the day before the conference begins), and for removing the posters by 16:15 on Wednesday 29th (i.e. the final day of the conference).
    • Posters for 2-page papers: These posters will be on display only one day. Your poster must be installed before 10:00 and removed before 18:00 the day when your presentation is scheduled (see the Preliminary Program for details). Note that if your presentation is scheduled on Monday 27th, you'll be able to install your poster the day before between 17:00 and 20:00.

      Instructions for poster teasers

      As every year at MICCAI, all poster presenters with a 8-page paper will have to deliver a 45-second "teaser". This request does not concern the authors of 2-page papers. We ask the authors of posters for 8-page papers to provide a PowerPoint slide that will be included in a continuous presentation for the teaser session, which will take place in the morning (the same day as the poster session). The slides will be run in sequence without a break, and no speaker will be allowed to excess this 45-second time limit due to the very tight schedule.

      Here are a few recommendations to help authors to format your teaser:

      • Please get the powerpoint model. It may be found here
      • A single PowerPoint slide is asked
      • This slide should include the title of your talk, the name of the authors and their affiliations
      • It should also include a synthetic overview of your work
      • We strongly recommend you not to include videos, as we cannot guarantee that they will work
      • Your teaser should be named " teaser_<paperNumber>.ppt "

      To submit the teaser, authors should:

      1. name the file "teaser_<paperNumber>.ppt"
      2. upload the file "teaser_<paperNumber>.ppt" at the ftp site (accordingly to instructions that were send by email)
      3. Notify the upload at

      Authors must send their teaser BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1st.

      Submission of accepted papers

      Instructions for the final submission of accepted papers can be found here

      Poster presentation is the normal means of presentation at MICCAI. Regular papers accepted for this means of presentation are previewed in sessions of 45-second "teasers", where presenters provide the audience with a quick summary of their work. We subsequently break from the oral presentations to allow ample time for the audience to visit the posters and engage directly with the presenting author(s). All regular posters are displayed for the full duration of the meeting. Oral presentation is conducted in a single track, so that the audience can attend every presentation.

      The Program Committee will select the papers they judge to be most effectively presented orally and will group them into appropriate sessions.

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